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Car sharing

A shared car must be in the right place at the right time and in good working order. Our solution is our expert service, operation and continuous maintenance services, which we have been offering in over 20 towns and cities around Finland for the past ten years.

Our mobile unit brings the service directly to the car, saving our customers the time taken to drive the car to a depot for any work that needs to be done. This means that cars are always available for consumers, and business remains profitable.


Life cycle services: Starting the service, transfers, minor accessorising and taping, ending the service

Professional services and support play a key role in terms of availability and user satisfaction.

High-quality vehicles and continuous availability keep customers satisfied and create a positive user experience.

Professional service production ensures cost effectiveness and good maintenance of investments.

Fleet maintenance and monitoring

    Rolan maintains sharing systems. Modern sharing systems consist of shared vehicles equipped with location and communication features, physical or virtual stations where vehicles can be picked up and left, information systems, operating and maintenance services, and user support.  

    Maintenance services: Maintenance, cleaning, washing

      Thanks to Rolan’s services, shared vehicles remain in good condition and are always available. 

      When equipment in shared use is somebody else's property, people treat it accordingly. The fact is that shared equipment does not remain in good condition without regular maintenance.

      Transfers and other additional services

        For the use of shared vehicles to be as fluent and efficient as possible, Rolan will take care of any vehicle transfers and additional services.

        Seasonal services: tyre change and storage

          Rolan maintains shared cars. For example, tyre changes and storage play an important part in making the use of shared cars trouble-free.

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