Cookies used on Rolan's website

Updated 1 August 2020


Facebook-pixel collects information about visitors. On the Rolan website, in practice this means information on how many people have acted in a certain way on the website, such as contacting us. Data is used to measure the impact of marketing campaigns.

Lookalike audiences. (Not available at the moment, but perhaps later) Based on visitor data collected by Facebook Pixel, you can create lookalike audiences that are used in marketing. 

Retargeting. Based on data collected by Pixel, you can define an audience that will be retargeted, comprising people who have visited the website. This may consist of visitors to the entire website, or to certain pages. Retargeting occurs no later than 180 days from the user’s visit to the site.

Google Analytics and Google Ads

Google Analytics collects data about website users. The data is used to improve the website’s functions and user experience, and general marketing analytics. Google Analytics has been combined with Google Ads browser advertising, and is used to monitor campaign success with regard to certain functions, such as contacting.


Video player. Vimeo collects data about users for its own purposes. Of this data, Rolan has access to how many times each video has been viewed, for example.


Contact form add-on. The add-on stores data sent through the website’s contact form (name, email and any free-form message). Data sent with the form will be emailed to Rolan’s customer service. The data is stored in the add-on database, accessible only by log-in. Data in the database is stored until it is manually deleted.